PT. Pain Inisiasi Indonesia


Pain is currently something that is always complained about as a symptom of a disease, in fact pain is now the main source of the disease itself. The pain felt by patients is very diverse, namely acute pain, chronic pain, nociceptive pain, visceral pain, somatic pain, neuropathic pain, even phantom pain where it is not known where it comes from. Pain is something that is feared by almost all patients because pain causes discomfort, and results in inhibition of daily activities and can indirectly reduce the quality of life of a patient.

Pain developed into a science which is currently very popular among researchers and educators. The science of pain is developing quickly and rapidly, along with increasingly sophisticated technology, the science of pain can be treated in various ways, both surgical and non-surgical therapy.

The growing pain science brings experts, especially in the medical field, to continue to explore the science of pain so that one day it can become one of the conservative, palliative and even definitive therapies which of course is adapted to the patient’s condition.

Indonesia has experts consisting of several cross-sections of medical departments, namely: doctors specializing in orthopedics, neurosurgery specialists, anesthetic specialists, neurologists and medical rehabilitation specialists to be able to discuss and exchange knowledge in the field of pain for patient recovery and safety.

With this, the 1st Jakarta Pain Intervention, Neuromodulation, and Sonologist event in Indonesia was presented to foster the enthusiasm of medical staff who want to deepen their skills in this field. This knowledge certainly goes hand in hand with the knowledge of its predecessors. Without departing from the roots of medical science, this event was held to introduce colleagues who wish to add to their knowledge, which of course is for the safety and health of patients in the Republic of Indonesia.

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